The Statute of Center

1. Presentation of Kalmharo

Kalmharo training Centre is a Public school in wich private registration is accepted. The private registrated students are in the charge of their familiy.It  is  Centre of Professionnal and Technical studies.
It is under the Ministry of Vocational Training and Literacy.

2.  Organization chart

  • Metallic construction
  • Accounting and Computer
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Mechanical and Automobile Repair
3. The resources of Kalmharo

As a Public institution, Kalmharo is  supported by the national budget and supported by development partners (Japanese Cooperation, Canadian, French ....), Products or services and the  fees of  free registration.

4. Training Materials

The Government and other development partners listed above provided the materials of training to the Centre.

5. Existence of a partnership with other structures

Partnership With BRANIGER (service exchange)
COLLEGE BOREAL partnership with the program through the Partnership with Canadian Colleges funded by ACDI.

Availability of materials on the local market

The teaching material is usually available on the local market but some equipment, including generation of relatively recent, are lacking.

7. Teachers Profile
kalmharo teachers are graduates of higher education, vocational and technical teacher.

8. The teachers statute

among  teachers, there are contractuals  of Education, National Civic Service teachers and
official teachers.

9. Nationaly of teachers

Teachers are citizens of Niger.
Currently we have a teacher of Japanese nationality who is a volunteer of JICA.

10. Level of recruitment of students

Young Niger students without  regardless of sex aged 16 to 22 years, holds a BEPC.

11. Percentage of girls
  • Tertiary:         15.2%
  • Industrial:        1.2%
  • Overall:            6.8%
To enhance access of girls:
  • Practicing affirmative recruitment for girls;           
  • Encourage free registraion  of girls, particularly in industrial section;
  • Offering subsidies to girls in industrial section;
  • Promoting the integration of women graduates (by offering them bunches at the end of the training).